Wissenschaftlicher Kongress am Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018 in Köln

Jarrod Bailey

Dr. Jarrod Bailey PhD, Senior Research Scientist at Cruelty Free International; Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, Hexham, UK 

About Dr Jarrod Bailey, PhD

Dr Jarrod Bailey, PhD is Cruelty Free International’s (formerly the BUAV) Senior Research Scientist. He received his degree in Genetics and Ph.D. in viral genetics from Newcastle University in the 1990s, then spent seven years investigating the possible causes of premature birth in humans. Since then, he has evaluated the scientific validity and human relevance of animal models in biomedical research and drug/product testing. He has reviewed the limitations of using nonhuman primates and other animals in various fields of research, including the testing of substances that can cause birth defects and cancer; the use of chimpanzees and other nonhuman primates in various forms of medical research including HIV/AIDS, cancer, hepatitis and neuroscience; the use of genetically modified animals to research diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, among others; and the use of dogs, monkeys and other species in pre-clinical testing of new human drugs. He has authored several substantial scientific petitions and submissions of evidence to a variety of British, European and US inquiries into the validity of animal research, and nonhuman primate research in particular; has authored a number of chapters of scientific books by invitation; and has taken part in many debates on animal research both in public and political arenas.

Non-human primates in neuroscience research: The case against its scientific necessity


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