Wissenschaftlicher Kongress am Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018 in Köln

Gerry Kenna

Dr. Gerry Kenna PhD BSc Hons, Safer Medicine, Director of Research Programme at the Fund For The Replacement Of Animals In Medical Experiments, and independent Drug Safety Consultant, Macclesfield, UK

About Gerry Kenna

Dr Gerry Kenna is the Pharmaceutical Director of Safer Medicines Trust. He is also an independent Drug Safety Consultant and a leading figure in the field of human drug induced liver injury. Following his initial scientific training in biochemistry, at the Universities of Leeds (BSc Hons) and London (PhD), Dr Kenna established and led academic research teams which, for 19 years, studied the mechanisms by which medicines and other chemicals may damage cells of the liver. He then moved to industry (at Zeneca, Syngenta and AstraZeneca), where for 14 years he used his expertise to support human safety assessment of new medicines and agrochemicals. During this time, he also led research teams which developed improved human safety testing methods. These used human tissues and did not require use of animals. Dr Kenna is committed to ensuring that such human-relevant approaches are used routinely, by scientists in industry and in regulatory agencies, to aid the invention and development of safe new medicines.

Overcoming obstacles to human relevant science


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